Times Square
Nyan Koi - 05 gramps blue
Episode Five
Kanji Title 四角関係の刻(タイムズ・スクウェア)
Romaji Title Taimuzu Sukuwea
Air Date October 29, 2009
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Times Square  is the fifth episode of the Nyan Koi anime.


Episode 5

Nagi gave Junpei tickets to go to Tokiwadai Land with Kaede . However, Sumiyoshi who heard the plan tagged along with Junpei. Nagi had her plan to brought both Junpei and Kaede together during the trip.

The Tokiwadai Land was actually wholly owned by the Ichinose clan and all the workers cooperated together to help their master Nagi. Even gramps Ichinose puts on the Tocky costume just to watch over Nagi.

When exploring the haunted house together, Junpei discovered that Kaede was really cute even with scared face. After got terribly shocked, Kaede hanged on to Junpei. Nagi and Sumiyoshi rushed back from the front and from their point of view, it as if Junpei was hugging Kaede.  A photo of them closer together taken by Nagi. Sumiyoshi got mad and telling Junpei to stop looking for lewd opportunities in the dark.

Both Junpei and Kaede kept a red faced throughout the trip. At a ride, Junpei accidently neared towards Kaede after their carriage rocked when Junpei was standing up. Nagi and Sumiyoshi’s view from another carriage looked them as if Junpei was kissing Kaede. The day ends as they both contemplating on their feelings.

The next day at school, Kaede tried to ask Sumiyoshi whether she was going out with Junpei. Sumiyoshi vehemently denied and they were just friends. At the mention of her name, Nagi suddenly appeared. Kaede then asked tentatively whether it is normal for a guy to randomly hug a girl. Without any doubt, both Sumiyoshi and Nagi knew the guy was Junpei. Poor Junpei, the two angry girls gave him dog treats as their form of revenge.

After school, Kaede tried to chase Junpei over to tell him about the dog treats. When finally able to catched up with him, Kaede saw Junpei with yet another girl. This time a twin-tail girl, talked about some curse. Kaede was curious...



  • Sumi: Two guys...
  • Nagi: Better than one.

Mewview Episode

Junpei and Kanako

Junpei and Kanako.

In Mewview, while Junpei and Sumiyoshi was arguing at Tokiwadai Land, Nagi and Kaede went to buy something for Junpei. Kaede tightly hugged tocky at the shop. Nagi was surprised if Tocky was for sale.

Extra info by Nyamsus, a black cat was a sign of good luck in Australia and England.



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