Kotone Kirishima
Gender Female
Anime Debut Episode 6
Voice By
Japanese Seiyuu Haruka Tomatsu
English Seiyuu Emily Neves

Kotone Kirishima is the older twin sister of Akari. She, along with her sister, are the daughters of the Buddhist monk in the temple.

Despite her gentle and sweet outward demeanor, she is interested in Junpei mainly because of his misfortunes, and can be considered sadistic, delusional, and an obsessive stalker. In the anime, she is shown to have this sort of behavior even at a young age towards one of her teachers. She also shows her jealousy if another girl gets too close to Junpei.


Kotone is a person who is attracted to people with misfortune in their lives, such as Junpei. She is a stalker when it comes to Junpei and has a possessive, possibly even lustful love for him. She is more open about her feelings than her sister Akari and expresses herself through unconventional means.

Also, she seems to be more at ease than her sister but this is because of her calmness. She cares about her sister but does not want her to intrude in her life to the extent of getting Junpei away from her.