Nyan Koi - 12-2013-01-23 11-01-36
Gender God
Owner None
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voice Actor None

The cat God who had been protecting the Tokiwa land since ancient times. It also had a good reputation among cat lovers. It's sense of justice is also strong, and whoever done something bad, they will be cursed.

There are stages of being curse. According to Tama, the first stage of the curse is hearing the voices of cats. If the curse gets stronger, the cursed person will turned into a cat themselves. To free oneself from the curse, a 100 good deeds had to be accomplish, meaning fulfilling and helping 100 wishes from cats.

The cat Jizou's neck was accidentally broken by Junpei with an aluminium can, thus explaining the neck braces its wearing.


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