This is the list of episodes in anime Nyan Koi! :

Image Episode Title Air Date #
140px The Ugly Cat and the Cursed High-Schooler

Busaiku na Neko to Norowareshi Koukousei
October 1st, 2009 #1
Junpei finds out that he was cursed after he broke the Cat Jizou's head at the nearby temple.

To free himself from the curse, he had to do 100 good deeds for the cats. However, his first deed will not be that easy, as it involves his long-time crush, Kaede Mizuno.

Nyan Koi - 02 girls That Man is A Slave?
その男 下僕?

Sono Otoko Geboku?
October 8, 2009 #2
It’s the Cultural Festival and Junpei’s class is doing a maid cafe. Junpei spent the day with his childhood friend, Kanako Sumiyoshi. It is also the second attempt for him to do the next good deed.
Nyan Koi - 03-kaede What is Your Name?

Kimi no Na wa
October 15, 2009 #3
Junpei helps the local postwoman with no sense of direction, Chizuru Mochizuki, to show her around. At the same time, Junpei also have to opportunity to do more good deeds by helping several cats in trouble around the neighbourhood.
Nyan Koi - 04 2nd A Beautiful Person

Utsukushii Hito
October 22, 2009 #4
Junpei receives a challenge letter with girlish patterns from Nagi Ichinose. It is revealed that Nagi is actually a gentle girl, despite her tomboyish appearances. Junpei receives a request from a cat at Nagi's residence.
Nyan Koi - 05 gramps blue Times Square

Taimuzu Sukuwea
October 29, 2009 #5
Junpei, Kaede, Sumiyoshi and Nagi outing together at Times Square. He totally forgets about the good deeds that he supposed to do, getting the chance to be with his long-time crush, Kaede Mizuno.
Nyan-koi-6 Milk & Bitter & Sugar & Spice

Miruku ando Bitaa ando Shugaa ando Supaisu
November 5, 2009 #6
Tama and Noir and the Kirishima twins. Junpei accepts the Kirishima's twin request to reunite Tama and Noir back together.
Nyan-koi-tv-episode-7-preview-03 Wait Until Dark

Kuraku Naru made Matte
November 12, 2009 #7
Junpei's school trip to Kyoto. Junpei have the opportunity to increase his good deeds as Tama spreads the words about his curse to cats residing in Kyoto. Junpei and friends also meet up with Nagi at the Ichinose clan's main house at Kyoto.
Nyan Koi - 08-michi mad The Blazing Private Lesson Runner

Honoo no Kojin Kyouju Ranna
November 19, 2009 #8
Junpei coaching a fat cat to get back to shape, but forgets his duty after meeting Kaede during their morning workout. The angered fat Michi decides to exact revenge upon Junpei by embarassing him with the underwear incident.
Chatora shove Panda Girls in the Water

Gaaruzu in za Wootaa
November 26, 2009 #9
Its winter and the exam is nearing, but that don't stop Junpei and friends to visit the pool for fun. A lost cat inside the pool asks for Junpei's help.
Nyan Koi - 10-3 A Certain Night's Events

Aru Yoru no Dekigoto
December 03, 2009 #10
Akari and Kotone some magical girl? Again, Junpei forgets about his duty full-filling the good deeds for cats...
Nyan Koi - 11-sumiyoshi Friends

December 10, 2009 #11
Its Christmas Eve, and Junpei have to work part-time as postman. The broken-necked Jizou was discovered by a third party. However, because of his little good deeds, Junpei slowly turning into a cat, starting with cat-ears!
Nyan Koi - 12-junpei cat Will Heaven Wait?

Tengoku wa Matte Kureru?
December 17, 2009 #12
Junpei need to lessen Kaede's suspicion about his curse. Otherwise Junpei will turn into a full cat!

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