Chatora looks up
Gender Male
Owner Unknown (Junpei's Neighbour)
Anime Debut Episode 9
Voice Actor Kazuya Tatekabe (Japanese)

Mark X. Laskowski (English)

He is a cat who lives near Junpei with his master. His master sees a commercial about obese cats on TV and puts Chatora on a diet. Chatora refuses, at first, to accept this change in his food from human food down to dry cat food. He asks Junpei for help to get rid of this idea in his master about his diet but Junpei is able to put some sense in Chatora that his master cares about his health.

Chatora finally accepts his master's wishes in going along with this diet but comes to Junpei's house once in a while to get more food.


He basically has a lazy attitude about things but when it comes to food, he goes into action. When his owner puts him on a diet he just cannot handle it and asks Junpei to tell his master to stop with this diet. At first Chatora believes his master does not love him and even thinks about running away to have his own freedom. Junpei tells him that if his master did not care about him then he would not be on a diet.

After a while Chatora comes to an understanding of his master but he still keeps a sly attitude towards Junpei when he comes over to the house every once in a while.


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