A Beautiful Person
Nyan Koi - 04 2nd
Episode Four
Kanji Title 美しい人
Romaji Title Utsukushii Hito
Air Date October 22, 2009
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Beautiful People  is the fourth episode of the Nyan Koi anime.

Episode 4


The episode starts with Kaede showing off her athletic skills at after school practice. Nagi Ichinose looks on with concerned look towards Kaede.

Later on, Nyamsus send off the Kousaka’s siblings to school. At school, Junpei discovered a letter in girlish style in his drawer. His first immediate thought was that he finally got a love letter in his life. After locking himself in a toilet, Junpei opened the letter only to be shocked as it was actually a challenge letter. The letter was shredded to bits by the angered and disappointed Junpei.

Three days later, the sport committee was puzzled why senior Ichinose had been absent. At the same, Nagi rushes from the stairs to reach Junpei’s class and scolded him before fainted after declaring their fight for Kaede.

Junpei, Kaede and Sumiyoshi then carried the fainted Nagi back to her home. Upon arriving, they discovered that Nagi was actually from a yakuza family, the Ichinose clan. While the girls were taken to take their bath, Junpei was confronted by Josephine, the clan’s pet cat. Josephine asked a favour from Junpei to make his master to fall in love.

After being left alone with Nagi in her bedroom, Junpei discovered that Nagi was actually a girl. Previously, both Junpei and Sumiyoshi thought that Nagi was a boy because of her tomboyish appearances. Unknowingly to Junpei, now Nagi had a feeling for him.

When the three of them left Nagi’s house, Junpei walks alone with Josephine and apologized to him as he failed to make his master falls in love as he thought that was impossible with Nagi’s attitude. Josephine reassured Junpei not to be worried about it as it was solved already.


  • Old Man Ichinose: Aah!

  • Old Man Ichinose: Wha! Aah! Fooling around! Call an ambulance!

  • Old Man Ichinose: Nagisama!
  • Nagi: Kousaka!
  • Old Man Ichinose: I've won hard!

Mewview Episode

In Mewview episode, Nagi easily fitted in with Junpei’s classmate. Nyamsus informed that a cat’s turf usually covered around 500m in diameter.


  • At (07:16min) in Sumiyoshi Kanako's imagination, while Junpei is kneeling on her feet, there are many cat laughing around them, one of the cats is a black version of Nyanko-sensei from Natsume no Yuujinchou.
  • In around 19:58, the flashback about Nagi shows 4 other girls from the anime Saki, with the exception that they have different hair color. In order from left to right: Nodoka, Hisa, Yuki, Saki.